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Best Taxi Apps In The UK For Easy Booking

The popularity of best taxi apps in the UK citizens as they grow accustomed to using taxis rather than having cars to move around. This idea gained popularity since consumers could use any available transport options and book a cab at any time or place. Travelling is difficult because doing so is challenging. To be able to obtain a cab as quickly as you need one, you need always plan beforehand. Let’s look at the technological advancements that have allowed you to download apps to get a taxi. The list has already been chosen and condensed for your viewing. You only need to decide because we thoroughly covered each of the apps. Let’s look at the top 5 taxi booking applications’ features. We can pick you up in

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best taxi apps in the UK for Easy Booking

Top UK Taxi Applications:

  1. Uber
  2. Bolt
  3. Gett
  4. Free Now
  5. Ola


Uber, the top cab app in the UK, has offices all throughout the country. Its fleet has various luxuries, including executive cars and larger vehicles. You can pre-book your pick to guarantee that you arrive at your destination on time. Over 45000 drivers work with Uber in London alone. Despite users ‘ complaints about surge pricing, Uber’s range, features, convenience, and cost are unsurpassed. It is a reliable service that covers all price points, from budget-friendly to opulent. Electric scooters have finally joined one of the top taxi booking applications in London and the UK for a while now. The absence of cash acceptance by Uber is the only drawback. You may, however, save numerous cards and make payments via programmes like Apple Pay.

Top characteristics:

  • Largest taxi fleet.
  • Price predictions are accessible before the ride.
  • From electric scooters to executive luxury cars, the variety is relatively broad.
  • Location sharing and the SOS safety feature are also available.
  • Accessible throughout the United Kingdom.


One of Uber’s biggest rivals in Europe is Bolt. Due to licencing concerns, they were previously prohibited in London in 2017. Then, they went by the name Taxify. They returned in 2019 under the new name Bolt and have gained ground in the cab booking industry ever since. With over 35,000 drivers working for it is only the capital city of London, it is one of the biggest taxi aggregators there. With Bolt, you can instantly reserve, track, and pay for taxi services. It accepts payments made using cards and cash. You can also provide your home and workplace addresses, facilitating and speeding up your typical journey. You can keep track of your use of one of the top taxi apps in London and the United Kingdom by using the trip history feature. We offer a our minicabs to a variety of areas to choose from, including:

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Top characteristics:

  • Various options for booking a taxi.
  • Convenient online booking with choices for the home and office and travel history.
  • Pay using cash or a card; you can save several cards for different purposes.
  • An in-app “panic button” that alerts Bolt is the safety feature.


Gett is a carbon-neutral best taxi apps in the UK and one of the up-and-coming Uber alternatives. By using electric automobiles in addition to the standard Black Cab of the UK, it not only sets an example for the future of mobility while becoming one of the finest taxi booking applications in London and the United Kingdom in 2023. By offering special taxis for the transportation of the disabled, they have also set an example. Gett is available in eight UK cities, including London. Like Uber, it offers the opportunity to pre-book or order a cab immediately. Gett gives customers the option to book and track cabs and select the type of vehicle. Cash and credit card payments are accepted; Uber does not yet support this option.

Top characteristics:

  • An app that is net carbon neutral.
  • offers regular taxis, electric taxis, and wheelchair-accessible taxis
  • The app provides booking and tracking possibilities.
  • Accessible in 8 UK cities.


Ola is on the rise to become one of the prominent participants in the global cab aggregator market. Ola was founded in India and has its corporate office in Bangalore. In addition to its native country and the UK, it is present throughout the world in Australia and New Zealand. While keeping the cab reasonably priced, the business provides drivers with a higher portion of the revenue. An AI and machine learning-based guardian system built into the best taxi apps in the UK can spot strange taxi routes and driver behaviour. It is a safety feature that aids users on potentially challenging journeys. Like Uber, Ola operates. You can reserve a cab online and receive a price quote. Additionally, they are attempting to achieve carbon neutrality. Their ventures into electric taxis, electric scooter sharing, and carpooling demonstrate their intentions. Further, they are investigating the business and car rental markets.

Top characteristics best taxi apps in the UK:

  • The Guardian system offers the highest level of security.
  • A multinational corporation with operations in four countries and more than 250 cities
  • A greater percentage of the drivers.

best taxi apps in the UK Free Now:

In the UK, the taxi industry is accustomed to Free Now. It was the first to combine black cabs and private taxis into a single app. Its original name was “Hailo,” which was then renamed to “MyTaxi,” and then it became known as “Free Now.” The Free Now app has a history of giving military mobility to customers and communities while bolstering the case for drivers. They recently merged with Kapten, a sizable cab booking app. They were both excellent, but after merging, they swiftly rose to the top half of the finest taxi applications in London and the UK in 2023. They have a sizable taxi fleet, which includes both traditional black cabs and independent taxi drivers. Taxi bills are helpful for the company because they can be paid easily and quickly and come with an email receipt.

Top characteristics best taxi apps in the UK:

  • Credit card payments are simple.
  • Save your home and workplace options.
  • Share your ride’s location with family and friends to stay safe.
  • Book a trip up to four days beforehand.
  • Instantaneous and always available.

Conclusion best taxi apps in the UK:

These five apps will win you over when it comes to finding a best taxi apps in the UK and will temporarily and permanently make the procedure easier. Why not choose a solution that will quickly solve the problem? It all comes down to observing what other people are using, and these five apps are undoubtedly the most well-liked. No matter where you are, they will do the task and ensure you are protected. Just ensure they have coverage that applies to them, such as Uber taxi insurance. Being safe is preferable to being sorry.

Conclusion best taxi apps in the UK:


The ClockTower best taxi apps in the UK improves our clients’ experience because it was designed for convenience. You can take advantage of endless perks. You may use your phone to compute the fare rates, make reservations, monitor our drivers, and manage your service. Our dispatch system is directly connected to bookings made through our app, allowing you to track your vehicle in real time and modify your reservations. But now that you have the ClockTower Cars App, you can better manage your time by knowing when your taxi will arrive. You may select your car and make the necessary adjustments on our app to get the greatest features. To improve your travel experience, we now provide wheelchair-accessible taxis and child car seats on our app. Additionally, our free, premium app makes it simple for you to use our executive services. You can choose the service you require—whether an executive cab, an airport taxi, or a pet transfer service—and we will be there in a flash. To ease your concerns about payments, you can create an account for your rides on the ClockTower best taxi apps in the UK. The app can now be used to make payments without using cash. You only need to join up and register your payment options; we will take care of the rest. Because our software is made to simplify things for our users, we include a free ride cancellation feature. You won’t have to worry about postponing your ride because of a circumstance. You can now quickly cancel a ride using the ClockTower App without being charged.

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