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Using London Black Cabs with Clocktower Cars: A Beginner’s Guide

You have many options for getting around London, including the Underground (Tube), buses, bikes, and foot, but this may also confuse you about how to travel from one city area to another. There is one mode of transportation in London that is sometimes disregarded: London Black Cabs with Clocktower Cars. Black London cabs are an excellent method to get around the city, albeit more expensive than the red double-decker buses and the Tube’s recognisable emblem. They do, however, operate somewhat differently than cabs in other places. Hence, it’s good to understand what to expect before hailing one. We offer Minicabs in Tolworth Minicab To Heathrow Airport, Minicabs In Ewell West, Minicab Chessington To Bookham, Clocktower Cars In The Uk, Minicab Service From Chessington To Ewell , Minicab Service From Chessington To Tadworth, and Reliability With Our Minicabs In Reigate area.

Using London Black Cabs with Clocktower Cars: A Beginner's Guide
Using London Black Cabs with Clocktower Cars: A Beginner’s Guide

Explaining Black Cabs and Minicabs

Black taxis and minicabs may not appear to have many significant distinctions other than colour and fares at first glance.  We offer minicabs in Minicabs At Stansted Airport, Pet Taxi Business Off The Ground In The Uk, Taxis From Leatherhead To London Heathrow Airport, Safe Taxi Ride, Minicabs To Luton Airport, and How Old To Ride A Taxi Alone In The Uk area

Explaining Black Cabs and Minicabs
Explaining Black Cabs and Minicabs

Black cabs

Black taxis, also known as hackney carriages, are identical to any other taxi in the globe save for their unusual shape and colour, which is black instead of yellow. Black cabs use metered fares regulated and determined by the Transport for London division. There is a £3.20 minimum fee.  However, there are extra fees for using a black cab from Heathrow, making a phone reservation, and travelling on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. The most crucial point is that only black cabs can pick up passengers from the street. 


A greater choice of cars is available for private hire. You can discover executive and chauffeured vehicles, limousines, and taxis in this category. London minicabs resemble regular cars and are a less expensive option than the black taxi.  They don’t have a metre, and the driver estimates your fee based on distance before you board (unless you’ve already agreed on a fixed fare). The major distinction between minicabs and black cabs is that customers of minicabs must pre-book them through a TfL-licensed private hire operator rather than having them pick them up on the street. 

Interesting Statistics About London Taxis

Their drivers have a thorough understanding of London. Unlike most other cities, black cab taxi drivers must pass the renowned Knowledge of London exam. They must research and memorise 25,000 streets in and around Charing Cross for the test. Additionally, drivers must practise rapid thinking and know the shortest path.  The fact that Coventry produces London black cabs may help to explain why you will immediately notice how commonplace they are.  London Black cabs are specially constructed cars whose shape and layout make manoeuvre through the city’s congested streets easier. They also have innovative seats inside to accommodate up to five passengers in the back. Despite their name, they are not required to be black or have the typical shape of a London cab.  The 17th century saw the emergence of their forebears. Hackney coaches during Queen Elizabeth’s reign were tastefully decorated horse-drawn carriages. Rich Londoners allegedly started renting out their horses, drivers, and coaches to other aristocrats to recoup the money they had spent on them.

Interesting Statistics About London Taxis
Interesting Statistics About London Taxis

Methods of Payment for London Cabs.

First, you should be aware that all black cabs accept contactless payments and credit and debit cards. Every black taxi has a card reader. Although most cabs have it installed in the passenger cabin, the gadget is either fixed or portable. Additionally, there is no extra on the cab rate for consumers using credit or debit cards. 

Methods of Payment for London Cabs.
Methods of Payment for London Cabs.

How to Use London Black Cabs

Hailing a Black Cab

Hailing a cab in London is comparable to doing so in New York City. Walk out onto the street and wave your arm to signal a cab. The yellow TAXI sign on the car will indicate that it is a taxi and available for hire, even though most people will seek a black cab. Keep in mind that London taxis are not always black. 

Additionally, customers can hail black cabs from authorised taxi ranks located in notable locations, including numerous mainline rail, Tube, and bus stations.

Getting in and giving your driver directions

After hailing the cab, you can walk up to the front window to speak with the driver and specify your destination before entering. You could also get in the rear and tell the driver where you live. You should remember that London taxi drivers are familiar with the city’s streets and won’t require additional information unless you want to recommend a particularly precise route.

Getting in and giving your driver directions
Getting in and giving your driver directions

How to Pay for Your Ride

Once they have arrived at their destination, passengers must pay the full fare that is shown on the metre. Suppose you’re travelling outside of Greater London. In that case, you and the driver can agree on a fare in advance and negotiate it. Of course, you may just tell him to turn on the metre and pay whatever the fare is when you get off the bus. Although neither traditional nor required, you can tip your driver by rounding up the fare to the closest pound.

  • Wonderful experience! It was my first time booking with ClockTower Cars. I chose them because the business was recommended to me. My driver, Baryalai, was very professional and polite. We had a nice chat and he helped me with my luggage as well. I will definitely book with ClockTower Cars again.


    Lives in: Epsom

  • Absolutely amazing!! I was very emotional having to move from my home of 15 years, and he was so kind towards me and cheered me up enormously! Friendly, helpful and considerate. I couldn’t have asked for a better driver! I will definitely be asking for Zahki for all my next trips! Honestly thank you so so much! 😊🤩🙌🙏

    Tina Main

    Lives in: Kingston Upon Thames

  • Absolutely brilliant driver. We had a great chat and the journey went so quickly. He turned a commute into a pleasure drive and the car was cleaner than my flat


    Lives in: Sutton

  • The lovely driver who collected us from Surbiton 9pm was very friendly, Good safe driver.
    The earlier experience was not good we were collected at 4 pm The driver was going way to fast, no patience on the road and driving way too close to other cars

    Mary Josephine Francis

    Lives in: Surbiton

  • My driver this morning was running late due to high traffic however he demonstrated that he was doing his best to ensure I still got to the hospital on time and in a proper and safe way. His pleasant conversation was a very welcome distraction. Much appreciated

    Noreen Jeffery

    Lives in: Surrey

  • We have been customers for years and have had the best experience. The drivers have always arrived on time, friendly and on this particular occasion I had probably had the best driver ever. Very calm, chilled drive. Pleasure!

    Zane K

    Lives in: London

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