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Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK: What You Need to Know?

A Child Seat Can be Requested in Advance

Suppose you are calling to make a private rental car or taxis for Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK. You can always inquire; a car with a Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK, baby or child seat will be sent. You can get one easily when You call the business several hours beforehand. We can pick you up in Wotton to Heathrow Airport area. We have minicabs available in Banstead area 24/7. Our minicabs are licensed and insured to operate in Chessington to Leatherhead area. We offer a our minicabs to a variety of areas to choose from, including:
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cab service Chessington to Carshalton
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law in the UK regarding seat belts
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Heathrow airport taxi service

Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK: What You Need to Know?

Is My Own Child Car Seat Acceptable?

Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK Of course, you can, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to travel with one. Choosing a seat that does not require a foundation, one that you can simply secure with the seat belt, would be much simpler. Keep in mind that many car seats require special bases or adapters. Additionally, carrying them is simpler because these strap-in child seats are lightweight. If your car seat can fit on your stroller or jogging stroller, then success! We offer minicab services in Guildford taxis to Heathrow airport, and Kingston to Heathrow airport taxis area. along with that we proudly provide a minicab for you in Chessington to West Ewell area. Our Accessible is easier with Clocktower cars. Book a minicab in your area today!. Get a minicab in for Luton Airport area for a low fare.

Rentals For Child Car Seats

Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK on numerous locations lend out different seats if you are unable to bring a seat of your own. Depending on where you are, this will change. You may easily find such services in the city or town you visit by performing a fast Google search.

Vehicles For Personal Use, Taxis in the UK, Vans, and Goods Vehicles

Child-Friendly Taxis in the UK, According to the legislation, all children must use the proper kid car seat until they are either 135 cm tall or 12 years old (whichever comes first) when riding in a van, car or commercial vehicle. They must then buckle an adult seatbelt after that. Very few situations are an exception. The driver is in charge of ensuring that minors under 14 are properly restrained per the legislation.

  • Children under the age of three
  • Children from three years old until they are EITHER 12 years old OR 135 centimetres tall
  • Children over 1.35 m tall or between the ages of 12 and 13
  • Passengers older than fourteen
  • Legal Sanctions

Children Under the Age of Three

In the Front Seat taxis in the UK

  • Children MUST use the proper child car seat in the front seat.
  • Transporting a child up front in a rearward-facing child seat is prohibited if the front passenger airbag deploys. The airbag must be turned off, or the child seat must be installed in the back.

In the Rear Seat taxis in the UK

  • Children MUST use the proper kid restraint in the backseat.


The youngster may ride unrestrained in the back if a child car seat is not provided in a licenced taxi or licenced private hire vehicle. There is no other exception for kids under the age of three. It was introduced for pragmatic purposes rather than for safety. Always consider measures to guarantee that a child seat is accessible. The driver is legally required to ensure the child is properly buckled up.

Children Who Are Three Until They Reach Twelve 

In the Front Seat

Children MUST use the proper kid restraint in the front seat.

In the Rear Seat

Children MUST use the proper restraint in the rear seat when seat belts are installed.

Exceptions taxis in the UK

If a child seat is unavailable, there are four situations in which a kid may ride in a seat belt instead. If the youngster is travelling, there are:

  • In the back seats of a taxi or private hire car that has a licence taxis in the UK
  • Despite the short distance, the trip is unexpected and required.
  • Installing a third is impossible when two kid safety seats are already in the back.
  • No seat belts in the car (this only applies to automobiles that weren’t made with seat belts from the start).

Unexpected Travel Taxis in the UK

Suppose a suitable child car seat is not available. In that case, a kid over the age of three may wear an adult seat belt if the following conditions are met:

  • Unexpected
  •  Necessary
  • Over a small distance

This exclusion does not cover children younger than three years old. Except in a taxi or minicab, it is illegal to transport children under three without a seat belt or the proper kid car seat.

Unable to Accommodate a Third Child Seat

A Kid over three may ride in the back without a child car seat if there are already two child car seats in use and there isn’t enough room for a third. However, as children under three must ride in a child car seat, the youngster must ride in the front seat with the appropriate child seat if there isn’t enough for a third seat in the back.

Vehicles Without Seat Belts taxis in the UK

A kid car seat is required for children under the age of 3. As a result, they cannot ride in a car without seat belts. In the backseat of a car without seat belts, a kid older than three may ride unrestrained (this rule only applies to vehicles not designed with seat belts from the start).

Passengers Older Than 14

If one is provided, an adult seat belt MUST be worn when taxis in the UK in the front or back seat. The individual passenger is responsible for ensuring they are using their seat belt.

Passengers Older Than 14


For any form of transfer, reserve a private hire or taxis in the UK with child booster seats, a toddler baby seat, or an infant seat. Your go-to London taxis in the UK transfer company is ClockTower Cars. We provide all our clients’ baby seats at no cost upon request. You can ride in a taxis in the UK with the assurance of working with true specialists. Request the child seat, booster seat or lift in the minicab when making your reservation. For secure Minicab travel, we provide a variety of child restraint devices.

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