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Disabled accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars How to Find?

If You Have Mobility Concerns, You Can Drive Or accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars

When you’re elderly or disabled, you can use public transportation or drive accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars.

Get assistance here:

  • accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars taking public transport
  • obtaining healthcare savings for transport costs with clocktower cars
  • locating community transportation programmes
  • taking Cabs accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars

When you have mobility issues and need a car to get around, you might be able to get assistance with prices and parking by:

  • a Blue Badge parking permit, 
  • reduced or free road tax, 
  • and vehicle leasing through the Motability programme

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Disabled accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars How to Find?

Preparing for Your Trip

Making sure you can access it by planning your trip might assist. This might comprise:

  • How to reach your stop or station Use ClockTower Car Services
  • Confirming if your transport is accessible by calling the company.
  • Making sure the station or stop has the facilities you want, such as ramps or accessible restrooms.
  • Booking assistance from the driving force.

In alternate formats like Braille or large print, several transport companies distribute accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars information and guidance. The ‘accessibility’ or ‘help’ sections of their website may contain them. To learn more, search online or get in touch with them.

The Specifications for Accessible Taxis

Defining a wheelchair-accessible taxi as able to meet the needs of persons with a disability is a pretty broad criterion. A ramp might be included in an accessible taxi to accommodate passengers who have mild walking disabilities, such as elderly people or people in wheelchairs. Suppose the person utilising the taxi has problems moving around. In that case, a swivelled-out chair should be given to increase the individual’s movement inside the vehicle. Once inside the cab should include safety straps to secure a wheelchair. To aid the blind, wheelchair-accessible taxis also have various types of lighting.

Hiring a Cab That is Wheelchair Accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars

In metropolitan locations, it is effortless to call a taxi that is more accessible for a person with a disability. accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars for the disabled are a little less popular in less urban areas. Although these are undoubtedly not the only convenient cab services that enable accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars, we have included a resource listing other taxi businesses throughout the UK that primarily cater to the needs of disabled individuals.

Minicabs and Taxis

Taxi Drivers Are Required to:

  • Pause to pick you up accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars.
  • If they’re driving a wheelchair-accessible car (usually black cabs), let them travel in your wheelchair.
  • Bring your service dog, and if they baulk, demand to see a medical exemption certificate outlining the reasons why.
  • Assist you while getting into the vehicle without using the meter.
  • Do not impose additional fees on you for your travel or your luggage.
  • Assist you with your wheelchair and any other luggage you may have Clocktower Cars.

To locate accessible taxis, get in touch with your local authority’s taxi licencing office.

Taxi Drivers Are Required to:

New Regulations And Penalties for Accessible Transport

Since the new rule went into effect on April 6, 2017, taxi drivers who refuse to transport a disabled passenger or try to charge them more than the going rate may be subject to punishment. This law requires taxi and private hire drivers to transport wheelchair users in their wheelchairs accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars, offer appropriate assistance to those in wheelchairs, charge wheelchair users the same as non-wheelchair users, and not discriminate against people with disabilities. They must report situations with prejudice as well. Disabled customers must not be discriminated against by cab and minicab drivers, and they may not be treated less favourably. To make their customers’ journeys more accessible, they should make any “reasonable adjustments” to their service. Any issues should be reported to the local municipal office’s taxi licencing department.

Cars That Can Accommodate Wheelchairs

Taxi drivers have the following obligations:

  • Carry the passenger while he or she is in a wheelchair, and offer adequate help so that the passenger can enter or exit the vehicle.
  • Carry the wheelchair, assist with loading the wheelchair accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars,
  •  Assist with loading the passenger’s luggage into or out of the vehicle,
  •  And ensure that the passenger is transported safely and comfortably without charging extra for any of the abovementioned services.

It is a crime if drivers fail to perform the responsibilities mentioned earlier unless they are excused. Please use our online form to file a complaint regarding a licenced vehicle, driver, or operator accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars. Book a minicab in your area today!. Get a minicab in Clocktower Cars In The Uk, Minicab Service From Chessington To Ewell, Albury Minicab Service To Heathrow Airport, Night Time Travel In The Uk, Minicabs Ashtead To Burgh Heath, and West Horsley Taxis To Heathrow Airport, area for a low fare.



According to the DfT’s guidance, a metre should not be left running in practice. At the same time, the driver performs Act-required duties, or the passenger enters, exits or secures their wheelchair inside the passenger compartment accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars .

Private Hire: 

The general provisions of the Act require operators to refrain from discriminating in the supply of a service, including not charging disabled passengers more.

Giving a Passenger Aid

We advise operators to inquire about passengers’ needs for assistance accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars when booking and hackney drivers to do the same when flagged down or approached. You shouldn’t make an effort to determine someone’s impairment or disability accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars. You may need to if you’re assisting a disabled passenger in finding or locating their prearranged taxi or private hire car. giving audio directions (making a single call to the traveller at the pickup location) provide a hearing-impaired passenger visual instructions (such as the car’s colour and registration) For a passenger with mental or cognitive disabilities, repeat essential facts.

ClockTower Cars with Wheelchair Access

We deliver precise, priceless wheelchair-accessible is easier with Clocktower Cars vehicles to our particular consumers. If you are weak or crippled, don’t be afraid to plan your ride with us. You may quickly get a tailored journey by making a reservation using ClockTower Cars’ comprehensive app or by providing details over the phone. Our friendly and skilled drivers will provide you with complete help inside the car and will level and fasten your wheelchair with a hook or belt. Contact us today for a secure journey.

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