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A Beginner’s Guide to Taxi Fares in the UK

Confused about Taxi Fares in the UK? Our beginner’s guide has you covered. The big, crowded metropolis of London offers a lot of sights and activities. Despite its size, driving into the city centre isn’t practical due to the insufficient parking, numerous toll roads, and additional fees that must be paid. However, by utilising a London cab, you can enjoy all the advantages of a car without being concerned about the extra expenses related to parking. The distinction between a black cab and a minicab, the two types of taxis available in London, must be made. While minicabs can only be reserved in advance, black cabs can be obtained at taxi ranks or called on the street. We offer minicab services in West Horsley Taxis To Heathrow Airport, Minicabs Ashtead To Leatherhead, and Taxi In London area.

London taxi rates for black cabs

The cost of a taxi in London will vary when you choose a cab. Minicabs are privately owned, so their prices aren’t set in stone and are left up to the company’s discretion. On the other hand, Transport for London strictly regulates and controls London’s black taxi pricing, so they are always consistent. In London, taxis use a taximeter to compute your fare based on how many miles or seconds you take to complete the trip.  We offer Minicabs Service Bookham Cabs To Heathrow Airport, Taxi Ashtead To Banstead, and Minicabs Shelford To Heathrow Airport area.

Average Taxi Fare in the UK

Taxis often start at between £3 and $4. This is often the “minimum charge” for a taxi, even if you simply need to travel a few hundred yards. Taxis in the UK typically cost between £1.20 and £3 per mile, depending on the region, day of the week, hour of the day, etc.

How much do taxis in London cost?

In the capital, a mile-long trip will likely cost you between £6 and £10 and take 6–12 minutes. A 2-mile (10–20 minute) trip will cost between £9 and £15, with longer trips (more than 4 miles/15 minutes) starting at about £16. Depending on traffic and your precise location, the well-known Heathrow to Central London route will likely take between 30 and 60 minutes and cost between £50-£95.

How much do taxis in London cost?

While taxi companies in London are allowed to set their prices (and occasionally feel like they do), they are somewhat constrained by the fierce competition in the UK’s taxi industry. 

Keep in mind that a minimum charge of £3.20 will always be expected from all taxi companies (TFL norm), even if you merely wish to travel down the street.

Additional taxi fares in London

All additional fees must, by law, be added to the metre at the start of your travel. There shouldn’t be any extra fees for extra luggage, more passengers, or bringing an assistance dog.

Holidays and New Year

Any trips between 8 PM on December 24 and 6 AM on December 27 or between 8 PM on December 31 and 6 AM on January 2 will cost an extra £4.00.

Holidays and New Year

Heathrow Airport 

Taxis cost an additional £2.80 when they depart from Heathrow.

Online and telephone

Up to £2 per trip, there may be an extra fee for making a reservation over the phone or online. To be sure you know what you’re paying for, read the terms and conditions of each firm before making a reservation or speaking with an expert.

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