Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK

Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK

How to Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK

Are you thinking about becoming a taxi driver in the UK? Taxi drivers can choose to work for public or private companies. Being a taxi driver can be an enriching career. You can earn a generous salary as a taxi driver in the United Kingdom. It is no secret that you can make between £20,000 and £30,000 per year in the United Kingdom. However, this article aims to explain how to earn money as a taxi driver in the United Kingdom.

Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK Types

Different cab companies operate in the UK, making it difficult to determine which one is the most profitable. However, taxi drivers can choose between two main types of taxis to make money: the public hire taxi, commonly known as black cabs, and the private hire taxi, widely known as minicabs. In order to clear up confusion and make it easier for you to earn money, we’ll cover both types here.

Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK for Local Taxis

Taxis are most commonly thought of as public transportation vehicles. Taxi indicators identify public Taxis on their roofs. Also, a roof-mounted indicator indicates whether the car is in use. You can find them anywhere in the streets or at taxi ranks; you don’t need to book them online. A recognised authority, also known as the Public Carriage Office, licenses these public hire vehicles. Large cities with limited access to the road, such as the United Kingdom, often use public-hire vehicles.

Chauffeured vehicles | Minicabs

Private hire vehicles or minicabs can also carry passengers but cannot stay on the street because they are pre-booked, or you have to book them online or by phone. One known UK minicab firm is ClockTower Cars, a suitable example of a private taxi service. Most minicabs and personal hire vehicles can carry four to six passengers, depending on their size. A minicab can be booked for a one-time job or recurring work like taking children to and from school. Private hire vehicles can also accommodate special events like weddings or parties. For example, ClockTower Cars offers Airport Transfers, Executive Hire, Event Hire, Pet Transfers, and School Runs services.

How To Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK

Now that you know everything about public cabs and minicabs, you wonder how to earn money as a taxi driver. It’s okay; let’s learn how to make money as a taxi driver in the UK now. You can earn money either by picking up passengers and dropping them off at the desired location or by using private hire vehicles to get passengers without having to search for picks all over town. Depending on your preferences, both can be beneficial. Owning a taxi also allows you to keep the entire fare. If you lease, the cost of gas and a daily rate must be deducted from your incoming fares. Taxi companies sometimes take a percentage of your fares rather than a flat lease payment. If you are considering driving a taxi, carefully investigate the company’s policies before committing.

Do Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK a Good Living?

On average, taxi drivers in the United Kingdom earn between £20,000 and £30,000 per year. On average, taxi drivers in the United Kingdom earn between £9 and £15 per hour. However, the rate may increase on certain days, such as bank holidays and Saturday evenings. It is natural that the amount a taxi driver earns will vary depending on how many hours they work. Taxi drivers in the UK are often tipped by passengers, which enhances their salaries. Taxi drivers who dedicate themselves to the profession can earn a perfect living.

Taxi drivers’ incomes vary depending on whether they work for the local or for a private company. In some cases, taxi drivers work for companies, and they may even provide their own vehicles. These drivers retain a high-income percentage since the business usually covers expenses like insurance and fuel.

Make Money as a Taxi Driver in the UK: How Can I Make It Successful?

A taxi business is clearly defined by the fact that it will be successful if it meets the needs of its clients. Providing quality services at affordable prices will ensure the success of your taxi business. It is essential to pick up and drop off your clients safely, comfortably, and smoothly to satisfy them. Your main goal should be to get the passengers to their destinations safely and soundly. Maintaining a safe speed is crucial, but it goes beyond avoiding accidents. Ensure that their journey is as comfortable as possible. As a taxi driver, following all these rules will lead to customer satisfaction and success.


A taxi driver provides local transportation services in most towns and cities in a safe and efficient manner. The best way to make good money as a taxi driver is to think about what kind of taxi is right for you. You can also become a taxi driver through companies if you don’t have a car. If you work in a private taxi, you will have to purchase your own vehicle, but you can earn a good income since you are not restricted by the number of hours you work. Most taxi drivers, however, make an almost good living as part-time jobs. However, if you have any questions regarding taxi services, ClockTower Cars will be happy to assist you. You can reach our operators 24/7.

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