A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford

A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford

Authenticity has always been at the centre of everything. Foresighted by this phenomenon, we display our reliable services full of obedience and accountability. Our dedication is enough to serve Cab Service in Shelford in a better and more exquisite way. We guarantee you will find the attributes of ClockTower Cars with utmost honesty and caring at the customers’ disposal in Shelford. Shelford is a beautiful village and offers picturesque views, including the soft and gentle burble of the River Granta.

It is stuffed with beautiful manors, activities, and sports. People came here to have fun with the variables of life. We, as a reliable private taxi firm, associate people with all the corners of Shelford, whether you are a local or a tourist. Book your ride with ClockTower Cars in Shelford and bestow yourself with an amusing experience.

A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford
A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford

Why Choose ClockTower Cars?

ClockTower Cars grant you a convenient platform with flexible road services and a reliable courier service that works for any person or business. We have dedicated travel experts whose primary focus is to establish a genuine connection with our customers and tailor an individual’s needs. Considering to make wandering around the city and suburbs a much simpler and hassle-free experience with our extraordinary vehicles and professional drivers. Our drivers are highly educated and thoroughly vetted to pledge a discreet and comfortable service to our customers.

Our Services and Facilities

Our major concern is to embellish our quality service more conveniently and appropriately. We are delighted to say that you won’t find the same high standards anywhere else. Our commitment is to bestow you with the peak of highly in-demand services. So, doesn’t matter where and how you choose your journey; we will significantly serve you with super dedication and authenticity whether you acquire a taxi for event transportation, quick and reliable airport transportation, or an authentic courier service. We will continue to serve you in all manners of life.

A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford
A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford

Easy to Use Online Booking System

Our custom-made dispatch system allows you to use the latest state cloud base technology acknowledge you to book your taxi service via phone call, online, or through our exclusive app. In the wake of booking, we will automatically locate the closest available cab through our GPS. Plus, you will be notified after allocating a vehicle for you. On the other hand, with the help of our mobile app, you can book your cab with a couple of taps. It can be downloadable from the Apple Store or the Google Play Store free of cost and free of labour.

Unbeatable Meet and Greet Service

If you want to utilize our meet-and-greet service, feel free to access us. Our meet and greet are among the best and most demandable services in the marketplace. Our drivers are highly educated, well trained, professional, and dare to deal with people. They will meet you full of enthusiasm, greet you with ethics, help you with your luggage and accessories, and assist you throughout your journey.

Cab Service in Shelford and Airport Transportation

Getting to the airport is often a big worry. Still, with ClockTower Cars in Shelford, we will provide you with reliable, quick, and smooth airport transportation to calm your stress. Our well-equipped vehicles and professional drivers will assure to transfer you with ultimate comfort to any airport in the UK and vice versa. Including a Heathrow Airport, Luton Airport, Gatwick Airport, Stansted Airport, or London City Airport. Plus, there is no worry about changing flight time as we will monitor your flight consistently to adjust your pickups and drop off in case of delays.

A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford
A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford

Shelford’s Very Best Executive Cars

Our executive car service is the pinnacle of dedication and quality, always amazed our business clients with the great extent of reliability in ground transportation. Whether you want to impress your business partner or arrange a crew meeting with a sophisticated presence, embark on your journey today with ClockTower Cars in Shelford and throw your impression with class and vogue.

Event Transportation

As Shelford’s largest and most reliable company, we are always ready to meet the expectation of our customers. Whether you are conducting a trip with your family and friends, need to attend a business meeting or conference, cope with a prime appointment, a sporting event, or any other occasion or ceremony. We will facilitate you with a tidy vehicle, which is regularly serviced, and a professional driver at a very affordable price.

Reliable School Runs

Longer distances to school, sporting, and extra curriculum activities add up the stress for parents. ClockTower Cars in Shelford offer a much safer way to get your children to school or from school to home. Our drivers have rich experience dealing with travelers of all ages. You can trust us; we will arrange a safe and reliable ride for your children at reasonable prices.

Cab Service in Shelford with Courier Service

With ClockTower Cars in Shelford, you can quickly and conveniently pick up or send your packages anywhere in the UK. Whether you have a small package, a large parcel, a prime document, or even pieces of fragile furniture, we can accommodate you. All you have to do is enlighten us when you are ordering your courier, and we will ensure to provide the best courier service per indicated requirements.

Cab Service in Shelford with Pet Transfers

We guarantee you to serve with a well-organized vehicle and a well-planned journey for your pets, whether you need to vaccinate or go to the kennel. People trust us because of our reliability and well-known demonstration of our services. Our drivers are well trained and well-behaved; they will keep your pets safe and protected with or without you.

A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford
A Luxurious & Reliable Cab Service in Shelford

Cab Service in Shelford with Wheelchair Accessibility

We specially designed our vehicles to overcome all the needs of our customers. We operate vehicles that are capable of transporting mobility impaired and wheelchair user passengers. Our drivers are trained enough to pass the checks of a user-friendly environment. They will assist you into the vehicle, using a ramp or lift at the car’s entrance and then securing the wheelchair with the belt, wheelchair clips, or wheel locks. Feel free to hit ClockTower Cars in Shelford when you require wheelchair accessible car.

Cab Service in Shelford with Child Car Seat

ClockTower Cars is an experienced and child-friendly transport company. We are eager to provide any additional help you may require when planning a trip with your minors. At ClockTower Cars in Shelford, we provide a child car seat, baby seat, or baby booster for children of all ages to ensure the safety of our young travelers. You can also customize your own ClockTower Cars cab by using our app. Simply hand pick the option of a child car seat and sum up this additional feature to your ride absolutely free.

However, time changes but our commitment to serving you in a better way will not. This is our ultimate goal to shower an extraordinary dedication at your disposal. Contact us if you have any questions regarding our services; we look forward to assisting you effortlessly.

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